Grips & Fixtures
Grips & Fixtures
Thread Adapters Thread Adapters,AMETEK supplies a variety of thread adapters for connecting accessories to your force gauge, force tester, testing fixture or sensor
Eye End Adapters Eye End Adapters,AMETEK supplies a variety of thread eye adapters and anchor pins for connecting testing fixtures to your force gauge
Interface Cables Interface Cables,AMETEK supplies a variety of cables for interfacing with Chatillon® force gauges, force testers, printers and personal computers.
Miscellaneous Grips chatillon Miscellaneous Grips We offer a wide range of grips and fixtures to meet bespoke requirements, for example
Wire, Yarn, Thread & Cable Grips chatillon Wire, Yarn, Thread & Cable Grips,Thread & Cable Grips
Wedge Action Grips Wedge Action Grips , wedge-shaped fixture manufacturing whether qualified directly affects the accuracy of experimental results.
CHATILLON夹具 各种原装CHATILLON夹具,用于测试各种不同试品,进行一些拉压试验,各种夹具满足不同行业不同客户做相关的试验,以检测各行业对自身产品是否合格的要求。
Scissor Grips Scissor Grips
Ribbon & Webbing Grips Ribbon & Webbing Grips
Pincer Grips Pincer Grips
Peel & Friction Grips Peel & Friction Grips
Food Texture Jigs & Probes Food Texture Jigs & Probes,Base Table,Ball Probes, Cone Probes,Cylinder Probes, Butter Cutting Jig , Kramer-Type Shear Cell
Eccentric Roller Grips Eccentric Roller Grips,Eccentric Roller Grips ,A range of self tightening eccentric roller grips; the grip tightens as the sample is pulled.
Compression Plates Compression Plates ,Round Compression Plates,These round compression plates are used for general compression testing. Available in aluminium and hardened steel
Jacobs Chuck Fixtures Jacobs Chuck Fixtures ,The Jacobs chuck fixture is ideal for holding small cylindrical samples during tension or compression testing.
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