Force Gauge Accessories

Force Gauge Accessories

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产品名称: Force Gauge Accessories
产品型号: Force Gauge Accessories
产品厂商: chatillon
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Force Gauge Accessories,AMETEK supplies a variety of accessories for your chatillon force gauge.

Force Gauge Accessories 的详细介绍
Force Gauge Accessories
AMETEK supplies a variety of accessories for your chatillon force gauge.We offer adapters used for different tensile and compression testing, cables, force tester adapter kits designed to ensure proper centerline alignment, and specialty kits for ergonomic test applications. We also feature a large selection of grips and fixtures.

Click here to see our force gauge adapter matrix for determining whether or not a gauge adapter is required for fitting your Chatillon force gauge to a Chatillon test stand or force tester.  It shows the most common optional adapters.


General Purpose Force Gauge Adapters

Model                Description

Chisel Point Adapters        
SPK-FMG-008A   Chisel point, 110 lbf, #10-32 thread    
SPK-FMG-008B   Chisel point, 550 lbf, 5/16-18 thread    

Point Adapters        
SPK-FMG-009A    Point, 110 lbf, #10-32    
SPK-FMG-009B    Point, 550 lbf, 5/16-18    

Notch Adapters        
SPK-FMG-010A   Notch, 110 lbf, #10-32    
SPK-FMG-010B   Notch, 550 lbf, 5/16-18    
NC000721   Notch, 550 lbf, 5/16-18, 5/8” diameter    
NC000725   Notch, 550 lbf, 5/16-18, 1” diameter    

Flat Adapters        
SPK-FMG-011A   Flat, 110 lbf, #10-32    
SPK-FMG-011B   Flat, 550 lbf, 5/16-18    

SPK-FMG-012A   Hook, stationary, 50 lbf, #10-32    
SPK-FMG-012B   Hook, stationary, 110 lbf, #10-32    
SPK-FMG-012C   Hook, stationary, 550 lbf, 5/16-18    

Hooks, Swivel        
ML3867   Hook, swivel, 50 lbf, #10-32    
ML3850   Hook, swivel, 110 lbf, #10-32    
ML3868   Hook, swivel, 550 lbf, 5/16-18    

Hook, Clasp        
NC000756   Hook, with snap clasp, 250 lbf, 5/16-18    
NC002500   Hook, with snap clasp, 550 lbf, 5/16-18    

Extension Rods        
SPK-FMG-013A   Extension rod, 6-inch, #10-32, low capacity gauges    
SPK-FMG-013B   Extension rod, 6-inch, 5/16-18, high capacity gauges    


Other Gauge Accessories

Handle Assemblies    
SPK-FMG-HANDLE   Fits LG and MSE100-M mechanical force gauges    
SPK-DG-HANDLE   Fits DG and DMG mechanical force gauges    
SPK-DF-HANDLE   Fits DFE, E-DFE, DFS, DFS-R, DFS-R-ND, DFX digital force gauges    
SPK-FMG-141   Pistol grip, fits DFE, E-DFE, DFS, DFS-R, DFS-R-ND and DFX digital force gauges    

Carrying Cases        
NC002753   LG and MSE100-M Series, carrying case, small    
SPK-DF-118   DFE, E-DFE, DFS, DFS-R, DFS-R-ND, and DFX Series, carrying case, small    
SPK-FMG-149   K-DFE, K-DFX Series, carrying case, large    
NC003115   DG, DMG Series, carrying case, large    
SPK-FMG-147   MSCK-Travel kit, carrying case, small, no gauge cutout    
NC002845   FCEK kit, soft-style, “fanny pack” carrying case, with adjustable belt    

Battery Chargers & Eliminators    
SPK-DFX-UBE   Universal battery eliminator, with US, EU and UK plug adapter, DFX Gauges with alkaline battery only (not DFX II Series Gauges)     
SPK-DF2-UNIV   Universal battery charger/adapter, with US, EU and UK plug adapter, for DFX II, DFE II, DFS II, DFS II R, DFS II R SLC and DFS II R STS Series Gauges    

Specialty Fixtures – Ergonomic Testing & Evaluations    
SPK-FMG-142   Compression fixture, curved profile    
SPK-FMG-143   Compression fixture, circular, flat profile    
SPK-FMG-144   Compression fixture, palm fit profile    
SPK-FMG-145   Compression fixture, rectangular, large profile    
SPK-FMG-146   Compression fixture, rectangular, small profile    
NC002844   Grasping loop with dual loops, stainless steel    

Specialty Kits – Ergonomic Testing & Evaluations    
FCEK   Functional capacity evaluation kit    
MSCK   Muscle strength comparison kit
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